Reflections on Three

March 31, 2011

At Three I launched the Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Omnia 7 Windows device as well as supporting the Director of Handsets . Three have come along way and their network is fantastic. It has the fastest downloads I’ve seen in the UK. Now Three has the opportunity of re-launching its brand and values for customers. Good luck Three!

Reflections on Vodafone

March 31, 2011

What a fantastic corporate brand and a huge drive to get into O2’s space. I managed the consumer browsing platform and whilst there we drove usage of browsing, ARPU and repeat usage sky high. What a great opportunity to work with some budget and heuristic design to create a compelling browsing experience across devices from 2002 to 2007. Great contract and great output. Thanks Vodafone

Reflections on O2

March 31, 2011

What a fantastic brand O2 have and how they leverage it to make “Happy and loyal” customers. I guess it is only when you work for their competitors do you realise the value of it and how they strive to mimic it. When I worked there we created the O2 branded devices from the very successful X1i device to the iconic O2 Cocoon which was launched at the same time the O2 venue launched. A challenging time designing new user interfaces, taking 3D models to the next stage of development . The task was is to make a differentiated product that was competitive and had quality software on board. Hard work but worth the effort.


June 24, 2007

MASSIVE MOBILE a privately held professional services company that works with Internet, Mobile Operator and Mobile Device manufacturers to take new products and services to market launched today in London, England.  “The vision for MASSIVE is simple, to deliver MASSIVE results for companies short on resource and innovation for their products and services.  The challenge today is that average products or services don’t compete.  One size of service does not fit all. The market has changed and consumers want their niche interests to be met. Large corporate companies are struggling to launch multiple variants of the same service and therefore missing out on the new markets being created daily. New customer segmentation models exist and companies aren’t moving on from the old ones. Propositions can’t be just good anymore, they have to be fantastic. This is where MASSIVE can help.” says Brian Turner Director of MASSIVE.